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Eco friendly Gift

By 5th August 2018Guides

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect present for friends or family. We get the same gift every time again. Or we get another gift voucher.  We have got you covered with our Sustainable Box full of eco friendly products.

Our eco box is perfect as a gift for your mum, for your best friend, for your neighbor and even for yourself. The box is a combination of Sustainable products with recycled leaflets. Each of these provides information about the product. Why it is better compared to alternatives and which we problem we are trying to solve. It will provide suggestion on how he or she might develop more sustainable habits themselves.

The Sustainable Box offers beautifully designed products. You will find re-usuable bags of organic cotton, environmentally friendly soap, and the box itself is made of recycled materials. What differentiate this gift box from others is the message behind it. We are different to your usual gift box as we focus on spreading a message and raising awareness about Climate Change and the environment. This sustainable gift will help the receiver transform into a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The green gifts will provide a stepping stone into more sustainable living.

Gifts for minimalists

Giving present can be incredibly hard. We know it, as we are trying to live a minimal lifestyle ourselves. Our focus is on real necessities, and giving something that the person does not need is simply a waste of limited resources. Shopping a present for a minimalist can therefore be extra difficult. Many friends and family have struggled with getting my a present. Usually I tell them to donate money to a charity or a sustainable company.

The gifts I got before were most often silly items I would never use during the rest of my life. A symbol of appreciation but not an actual useful item. They did not add anything to my life, they are never used and usually end up in a box stored away in the attic. That is specifically what we do not want for a sustainable gift.

Even though a minimalist usually already lives a eco-friendly lifestyle, this box will help them gain insights into alternatives ways of living. It also provides them with a tool for spreading awareness themselves! Giving this eco friendly box will help spread awareness, but also give others a tool to do this themselves.

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