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We’d all like to live more Sustainable, but often we run into an overload of information and are hesitant to act.
With The Sustainable Box we have selected day-to-day items that can make a real impact in your life and help you transition into a more Sustainable lifestyle.

The Sustainable Box will help you live more sustainable

We can’t transform our lives in one day, so it is important to focus on the important areas and take it step by step. The Sustainable Box contains practical and actual useful items that will help you:

  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce your plastic usage
  • Have a more eco-friendly diet
  • Use less chemicals in your daily life
  • Preserve precious forests

These are big goals we can achieve if we all take small steps.

Great as an eco friendly gift

Don’t keep it just to yourself, The Sustainable Box comes as a great present! We offer eco friendly gift-wrapping with a custom message. That way you cannot only live more sustainable yourself, also your neighbors, friends and family will be able to transform their lives.

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