Help spread the message about Climate Change

Give this box to your mum, your friends, your family or anyone who needs to know more about Climate Change. Help them understand, investigate, and take action.

Each sustainable product is a tool to help you fight one of the causes of Climate Change. Each product also comes with a informative label explaining why this is a positive change for the planet.



Use less plastic

Reduce deforestation

Reduce landfill waste

Protect wildlife

Protect our oceans

Reduce carbon emissions


Reduce plastic waste

The box contains two items that can greatly reduce the amount of single use plastics. Each item comes with a label explaining the issue of plastic, the effects it can have and how smalls steps can have a big impact.

Issues: Landfill, Protection Wildlife, Protection Oceans, Food

Protect our oceans

Multiple items will talk about the dire state of our oceans. An all natural shampoo bar will come with information about reducing chemicals and microplastics in day-to-day life.

Issues: Landfill, Protection Wildlife, Protection Oceans, Food

Reduce deforestation

Trees our essential to human life, creating the oxygen we breath. We will provide a reusable notebook that talks about reducing paper waste, reducing landfill and the changes we need to make for a circular economy.

Tote Bag

Issues: Plastic waste & landfill 
On average a plastic bag is used for just 20 minutes and takes decades to decompose. This 100% organic cotton tote bag will come with a label explaining the issue of disposable plastic, how it affects our planet as well as providing a sustainable alternative for plastic bags.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Issues: Landfill, Plastic, Reducing
This toothbrush made from bamboo and BPA-free nylon bristles is 100% biodegradable. It comes with a label explaining the issue of landfills and how long it takes for plastic to degrade. Furthermore it will help people become aware of how many everyday items they use only for a limited amount of time.

Reusable Notebook

Issue: Deforestation
A practical, day-to-day use item that reduces paper use and is a great example of innovation and sustainability. This reusable notebook will talk about deforestation and reusing of items.

Cowspiracy Documentary

Issues: Agriculture, Meat, CO2 emissions
The single biggest thing we can do to reduce our negative effect on the planet is switch to a less-meat diet. This documentary explains the enormous damage caused by agriculture and the effects of eating meat. In 90 minutes people will understand the issue, see the effects and feel more motivated to take action themselves.


All the labels are printed on recycled paper using eco-friendly inks. We use Carbon Neutral delivery and offset any released CO2 we can’t prevent.

Gift Voucher

Issues: Social change, take action
We believe that individual actions turn into social change when enough of them occur. Every box contains a 10% off gift voucher so people can help spread the message.

* Please note products may vary slightly from box to box.


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