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Most plastic items are used for only a few minutes. These single-use plastics are having an devastating effect on our planet.

Reducing plastic

With The Sustainable Box we will help you reduce the amount of plastic you use while offering you great alternatives. There are excellent replacements for many items we use daily. Have you seen our instagram about all the delicious fruits we have bought using reusable produce bags?

Together with our products and recommendations it will be easy to take a positive step towards living more sustainable.

You will stop packing fruits and vegetables in layers of plastic, you will be able to enjoy more fresh and local food and reduce your carbon footprint while doing so. Reducing plastic is not only good for the planet, it is also good for you! More and more research shows that plastic can actually leak into our food, where it becomes toxic for the human body.

What is wrong with plastic?

Well, we could write a 20 page article about all the things that are wrong with plastic. But for now we will give you a brief summary.

Plastic is a man made material. It does nog belong in nature and will never dissolve or disintegrate into a natural state. Even though plastic breaks down over many decades, it actually breaks down in smaller and smaller pieces. These smaller pieces seem to bring even bigger environmental damages and are even threatening human lives.

This plastic waste becomes so small that it is eaten by animals. These animals are then eaten by bigger animals and these bigger animals are eaten by us. So in the end, we are eating vast amounts of plastic that in most cases will never leave your body. The long term effects are yet unknown but indications looking very negative.

Plastic that ends up in the environment will never fully breakdown. An item that might have been used for 10 seconds will have a negative impact as long as this planet exists. Is that really worth the tiny convenience plastic sometimes bring.



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