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Spread the message about Climate Change

By 3rd December 2018News

Spread the message about Climate Change

For people who are aware of Climate Change it can be hard to see so many people around them who are oblivious to the escalating climate. We ourselves have felt overwhelmed and powerless when facing these challenges; which is exactly the reason we created The Sustainable Box.

The Sustainable Box can serve as a tool that helps you spread the message about Climate Change. An easy attainable gift that is not only 100% sustainable, but focus mostly on making people aware. Our products do not only serve a function, but have an underlying message that brings awareness.

For example, our reusable produce bags have an easy to understand message about reducing plastic. Everything is presented on a positive note to help motivate the receiver. This is perfect when you are looking for something to help you spread the message about sustainability. Whether this is a present for a family member or a large B2B order, The Box helps to spread awareness.

The Sustainable Box for companies

We need all hands on board to help tackle the challenge of Climate Change. Therefore we not only motivate individuals to take action, but also urge companies to step up to the challenge. We offer special B2B prices which are perfect for company gifts, Christmas presents, events and celebrations. A great way for a company to show they are taking action.

Depending on the size of the order we can fully customize the Sustainable Box, making it suitable for every price point. With the upcoming Christmas this is a perfect Sustainable gift for companies that are trying to make a positive impact. Not only will The Box be 100% sustainable and eco-neutral, it will help bring awareness to all the receivers. A great way to spread the message about Climate Change and help make the world a little more Sustainable.


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